Tribal Whip Aurora Multi-Color, Animated LED whip
Tribal Whip Aurora Multi-Color, Animated LED whip

Tribal Whip Aurora Multi-Color, Animated LED whip

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Aurora LED lighted whip, full of animation and multi - color options.

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These days there are a lot of LED lighted whips being offered by people that produce them from their spare bedroom or out of their garage. And there are the Chinese versions which on the surface look okay, until you actually get to use one... and it breaks or fails quickly. We don't blame the Chinese for trying, but let's be honest, what do they know about off-roading, or the American culture. In both cases however, none of them can stand up to the test of time, or to the abuses of off-road. And if you need to speak to either, one is at his day job, and the other is half way around the world.

Producing an LED whip that can last season after season and operate flawlessly under many circumstances and environments is what Tribal Whips does best. The Aurora whip offers features and benefits that no other LED whip can. Aurora LED whips are environmentally sealed so that whether you're using them in the sand, dirt, mud, wind or water, nothing can get inside the tube. We use heavy duty marine grade connections, sealed the power supply / animator, and put the necessary strain reliefs in to prevent the user from accidentally causing damage. And like all other Tribal Whips, we continue to offer the indsutries only true quick connect / disconnect mount system... just a pull of the pin, and the whip is released. These are just a few of the many features and benefits of the Aurora.

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