Heretic Wraith Light Bar

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Heretic Wraith LED Light Bar USA made

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This light is what we have been working to achieve since we started building lights. Something unique, premium, design conscious, billet and reasonable. Yes I just said reasonable. Basically in the Wraith 5 watt series of LED light bars we have created a premium USA made billet LED light bar that we can offer to customers and dealers at an amazing price. Yes I am sure you can go to Amazon and Ebay and buy some POS that someone knocked off from Rigid Industries or you can spend a little bit more and not ruin the custom build you just put your heart and soul in to by installing a window washing light on it. These are literally made in the USA on our machines or our friends machines, asssembled in house as per our customers specs and shipped from our facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Call us crazy but we still believe that matters to some people and those people are the ones that we hope to find or hope find us.

So on to the good stuff..The body of each bar is built from an 11 inch slab of 6061 aircraft grade USA sourced and made aluminum. We CNC heat sinks in to the solid block, machine out the contours necessary to install a proprietary PCB, cut out a diamond coated polycarbonate lens with a $750,000.00 CNC laser, cut out our own o-rings, our own 3D contoured billet bezel trim and then fasten them all together with either stainless or powdercoated black bezel bolts. The reflectors are a customer spec'd combination of spot vs flood and the end result is a package that weighs just 1.3lbs per 10 inch section with end mounts installed. Yes that means that a 30 inch bar would come in below 4lbs for the entire thing. They are small, potent, ultra light and seriously trick and literally when you take them out of the box they feel like jewelry in your hands.

This 50 inch bar is a combination of (5) 10 inch bars put together with a coupler on the back of each bar. This coupler holds the bar seamlessly together with the other 10 inch section. The electronic connection is made by Deutsch connectors that clip in on the back of each light bar. Each 10 inch section is actually 11 inches from outer end to outer end. So combined you would have a 55 inch end to end plus the width of whatever you are mounting.

The lights carry an IP68 rating, a lifetime warranty and each light is priced already reflecting a 2 day priority shipping. Seriously this is the coolest light money can buy and for the price nothing even comes close to it. So please stop looking at the imported crap someone brought in and is selling out of his living room for your 75k brand new truck or your 40k Polaris RZR. Support American companies doing cool things and we promise this karma will come back to you my friend.

Features include the following:

  • Made in the USA, Assmbled in the USA, Designed in the USA, Supported in the USA, Shipped from the USA, Patented in the USA
  • 9-36V
  • (50) 5 watt CREE LED
  • Full 100 watt
  • 27500 lumen
  • 6061 billet housing
  • 25 x 1.5 x 2
  • IP68 rated
  • mounting feet included
  • Anodized black housing standard with stainless or black bezel bolts.
  • Optional amber lens available
  • Side mounts included with fixed flat tabs
  • No harness included but pigtail exiting the light bar with single Deutsch connector included.
  • Orange, red, blue or gold billet bezel bolts available @ extra cost

Build times can vary bust most items ship within 1 week of placing the order.

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