EMP RZR Extreme Snorkel Kit

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RZR Snorkel Kit

  • Fits: 2008-2014 RZR, RZR-S, and RZR-4
  • WILL NOT FIT: RZR 570, XP900, OR XP1000
  • 2" ABS Piping
  • Vent line & barbed fittings to extend factory lines
  • Rubber couplings with clamps for easy installation and removal
  • Template for drilling holes
  • Zip ties

    This snorkel kit comes with three snorkels which run from your factory air intake, belt intake, and belt exhaust. A template is provided for drilling holes in your bed. This kit was designed so the bed and belt cover can be removed at any time without destroying the snorkels. The snorkel risers can be turned in any direction you need to clear other accessories. The elbows are 90 degrees as pictured. This kit helps to reduce mud entering the air box.

    We do not give written or implied warranty with this product regarding functionality. These snorkel kits will not make your UTV waterproof. Damages caused by deep water are not the responsibility of EMP. No returns accepted for this item.

    We will need to know your year and model when ordering. Please, specify which machine you have in the comment box when checking out.

    This item will not work with the "Cooter Brown" Cargo Cover #10724 or the EMP Rear Dust Stopper / Cab Backs .